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The Stark Music Presents episode is now available to watch on YouTube...


Two weeks ago, I recorded three new acoustic songs for the 'Stark Presents' YouTube series. It was the first time in three and a half years that I've played acoustic guitar and sang live. It was a great experience and I look forward to playing again soon. I will be posting them up here once they are ready.


I've recorded real-time videos for for three of the improvised tracks from the 'Tele' album.

They are available to watch over on You Tube

Here is the video for the track 'Repeats'..


I've recorded a new solo improv guitar album. It's called 'Tele' and it's available to buy from my Bandcamp page..


I've made the decision to take my music off Spotify and other streaming services until a there's a better deal for musicians. All my music is available in one place now on my BANDCAMP page. Artists receive more of the revenue from sales with Bandcamp than with other services. I can also have better idea who is listening to my music and have more direct contact with the listener.

To celebrate this you can purchase my entire solo discography for a reduced price!


I have set up an Instagram page for any photos relating to any of the music projects I have been involved in past and present, click on the link below and follow!



Dominions of Glue new album 'The Great Expansion' is out now on Environmental Studies.

"THE GREAT EXPANSION embraces influences ranging from post-punk, No-Wave, Dub, Krautrock and free improvisation taking the listener on a mind expanding excursion while rooted in taut song structures, searing riffs and melodies.

Available now from Environmental Studies


The new Brutal Wounds EP 'Talking to Angels' is out now. Featuring four new tracks Raziel, Skin, Death Poem & Age of Miracles. It was recorded just before we went into lockdown in March and completion was stalled throughout lockdown. It's available to buy or stream over at the Brutal Wounds Bandcamp page.


I've recorded an impromptu new Searle & Johnston improvised album with Aidan Searle. We recorded it yesterday evening in a two hour session using only one microphone each - One pointed at the drum kit and the other at the guitar amplifier, moving it to the Grand Piano for recording the track 'Marshals'. The album's called 'Rule of Six' and features four tracks of free improvisation.

It's available now over on #Bandcamp


There's a a new Brutal Wounds EP on the way, we're just waiting to get back into the studio to finish mixing it..

You can keep up to date with Brutal Wounds news by visiting the Brutal Wounds Website.


I'm releasing four of the live lockdown improvised guitar streams as an album. It's called Dissonant Lockdown and will be released on the MuteAnt Sounds label in September. More details to follow soon...


All five of my recent live guitar streams are now available to watch in one single playlist, so you can sit back and enjoy a full 60 mins of dissonant lockdown guitar improvisation in one sitting!


I've released a compilation which includes previously unheard remixes from my 2012 album 'Voyage of Oblivion'. A couple of the remixes appeared on singles at the time but I've only just got round to putting them all together in one place. They are all really interesting takes on some of the key tracks from the album..

You can check them out on #Bandcamp.


I'm going to be doing some live streaming of improvised guitar while lockdown continues. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow on Twitter to keep up with when they are happening..


Released this week on #MuteAnt Sounds

A rough and ready recording of Searle & Johnston, recorded live at the Exchange in Bristol in October last year.


I'm excited to announce I'm going to be playing guitar as part of Damo Suzuki's band again in February. This time at Rough Trade in Bristol. Tickets available here:



Happy New Year!

I've recorded an improvised album with long-time collaborator and Hexit drummer Aidan Searle under the name Searle & Johnston. It features myself on Guitar & Grand Piano and Aidan on Drums, Bells & Percussion.

Go and have a listen over on #Bandcamp!


The Hexit debut album is released today.. Go and check it out on Bandcamp.. I’m playing guitar on it… It will blow your mind!

“HEXIT take an improvised approach to their strenuous instrumental workouts and filter elements of Kosmische, Post-Punk, No-Wave and Free Jazz. Built on a foundation of solid grooves and motifs, the album was recorded with minimal overdubs and intervention with the intention of capturing a sonic snapshot of the band in full flight.”

Check it out on #Bandcamp


I’m overjoyed to announce that my new album Three-Dimensional Living is out now! It’s available as a download or CD from… #Bandcamp


I’ve posted a new track up with a great film directed by Alan Cartwright called Gamblers… It was filmed on the cycle track underneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.. You can watch it below…


I’m proud to announce that my new album is finally finished and will be released on the 25th May. It’s called Three-Dimensional Living and will be available to pre-order from here in the next few weeks!


The new album is nearly finished, I’m just putting the finishing touches to it… In the meantime I’m playing some solo-acoustic gigs over the next few months playing mostly arrangements of new songs from the album. Next gig is this Saturday at the Thunderbolt supporting the Vapors which should be a sell out! Then I’ll be playing a headline set at The Bristol Fringe on the 21st September.

Spread the word.. See you there



I’ve posted a new track up with a great film directed by Alan Cartwright called Anaesthetic Apathetic… It stars Jonny Evans and was filmed in and around High Kingsdown in Bristol where I grew up. You can watch it below…


Thanks to everyone who has helped support the release of 'After All The Wishing…'. It's had great press and is still available to buy on CD and as a download from my #Bandcamppage..

Here's a great review of the album from The Quietus…

#AfterAllTheWishing… Album Review

Jim x

"Astonishing live… Never heard or seen an acoustic guitar played better!"

BBC Introducing

"Refreshingly intense, dark and brooding - reminiscent of Bowie’s experimentations with the industrial genre."

Divide & Conquer

"an album that is both futuristic and primal, detached yet tribal, dance-fuelled but swaggers with rock and indie moves, it is progressive yet familiar, focused yet constantly shifting."

Dancing About Architecture

"it's obvious Johnston has drive and vision…if you love classic Cabaret Voltaire, you’re in for a feast!"


"A modern-day successor to Scary Monsters"

The Quietus

"Chaotic glee, sinister whispers & genre-popping rock 'n' roll swirl to head-spinning effect!"


"A sprawling twisted masterpiece!"

Louder Than War

"Both weird and intoxicating, dangerously attractive and unlike anything you have heard before. In the right light it would be easy to convince yourself that this is actually a long lost album from Bowie’s Berlin years and there are not many albums that you can say that about."

The Rock & Roll Report

"Takes the listener on a cinematic journey through twisted soundscapes. alt-indie plains and just about everywhere else."


"A hell of a musician, exalted amongst mere mortals."